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About Us

The Nook was designed by Vicky Tosa, a mother of two toddler boys. Vicky was inspired and motivated by her children to create The Nook after learning that each of them love to do different activities. While one loves to run, the other is happy to just sit and read. This inspired the creation of The Nook, a safe, clean and stimulating open concept indoor playground suitable for children ages 0-6 years old. The Nook aims to provide fun in every corner while parents/caregivers can feel more at ease by not having to chase the child(ren) and knowing they are safe within the facility.

Each Nook (corner) within our facility serves its own purpose, such as the reading nook, snack nook, art and music nook and retail nook. The Nook's mission is to encourage children to read, learn, play and create. Unlike other indoor playgrounds, we custom built our colorful house-shaped walls and a house-shaped room. The Nook further opted to have calming, neutral colors on its main walls, promoting the growth of children's minds by allowing them to play amidst our colorful spaces, toys, and furniture.

This concept The Nook has adopted stems from the Japanese viewpoint of "iro-iku", iro-iku describes the method of using the effect of color to bring up "concentration", "imagination" and "communication" of a child. Our ultimate goal is to inspire children, through our clean, safe and stimulating environment, as well as allowing them to explore their mental and physical abilities in order to improve fine motor skills. Children are our future, let The Nook assist you in cultivating a bright and healthy life for our future.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire children, through our clean, safe and stimulating environment